Friday, April 29, 2011

a few page roughs

Some pages from a project I'm collaborating on. Not sure how far we'll get, we may come to ruin on the usual shipwreck of creative differences.

Anyways, it's more or less a parody, and so far it seems to me I'm leaning a bit on the Don Simpson (Megaton Man) look (although those character proportions are fairly common, he maybe just exaggerated them to extremes.)


Chris_Garrison said...

Looks neat!

You had mentioned to me that the character's design could come off as Klan-ish, if you're not careful. I'd say the lower left panel of page 2 is the only one to worry about, because his head is a little pointier there.

Pretty fun level of cartooniness. My only other comment is that you might want to put some floppy ends on the necks of the Obama masks, to make it extra clear that they're masks and not Obama clones or something. Or maybe they could be the kind of mask that just covers your face, with strings tying them on in the back.

Anonymous said...

gd pts, thx chris.

Turns out the collaboration is DISSOLVED after all.

I wanted some license to cut things, add bits of text etc. and that ended up being unacceptable to him.