Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday SHJ!

See birthday info below. Which prompted me to get in here and post something. Here it is. A few years ago I worked on these paintings for a video game proposal that never made it beyond the development room of the company that was developing it. Last weekend I cut up all of the scattered little paintings and am going to group them into collaged paintings that I can sell at a con, or hang on a wall, or something... someday... I took this pic to remind myself how to arrange it all if/when I get back to working on it, then I stuffed them all in an envelope, where they will probably sit until doomsday, but hey, that's me, Unfinished Martin!

Fun fact - January 11 is my brother's birthday too! Now I will never forget Salty Ham's birthday again!

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Chris_Garrison said...

Regarding your heading -- You mean Happy Birthday SHC, not SHJ. I think the main page was birthed on Jan. 12th, '08. This here jam blog wasn't spun off until June 17th. (like anybody cares)

Regarding the artwork -- This stuff is delicious! Quintessential Pumpie. Please just draw and paint the graphic novel that you would've done, based on the game, had it come out.