Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our One Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, everybody! Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas is one year old. No, I didn't buy you any flowers. But I did make you this crazy quilt, from images on the main SHC page.

I put this image close to the top of the main SHC page, in the Mission Statement post.

There's a square for each member (38, so far, plus a square for the ham mascot, and a square for the Salty 'Ham Jam, so that it adds up to an even 40 squares). If you'd prefer a different image in your square, just email it to me, and I'll change it out. cgarrison[at] Please make it 2" x 2", RGB, at 72 dpi.

At some point, I want to transform the main SHC page from a blog-style-thing into a real web page. Do any of you web-savvy cartooneestas have any ideas about that? I mean, suggestions about hosting or design, etc.? Offers of help, perhaps?

I want to keep up the search for new recruits, but I'm really busy on my current project. So please, if you know any folks you think should join up, send them to the site. You never know when it'll come in handy to have these connections! Maybe you'd like to visit some of the artists in this Coalition of the Unwilling list, and bug them about signing on.

Here are a few nice results from the existence of Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas, that I know of so far:

I went to see my fellow SHC Chris Fason at the local sci-fi convention, and I bought some of his comic books. I wouldn't have been in touch with him, if it weren't for the SHC page.

I thought about applying for a grant from the Cultural Alliance, but I'd pretty much decided my chances of getting it were too slim to even try. Fellow SHC Don Stewart encouraged me to apply anyway. Thanks to his goading, I applied after all, and I got the grant! I wouldn't have been in touch with him, if it weren't for the SHC page. (Of course he's shaking his fist in the air now, because I got the grant, and he didn't. This is why we should never try to help others.)

I hired my fellow SHC Tim Rocks to assist me on my grant project. I think Tim is enjoying the money he's being paid, along with getting an entree into the world of cartoon animation. I wouldn't have been in touch with him, if it weren't for the SHC page. Also, when Tim was part way through working on his recent comic story (Frankie Fowl Adventures), he put it aside and started letting it languish. I encouraged him to finish it, and he did! So now we can all enjoy the fruits of his labor, partly due to my bothering him about it. And it wouldn't have happened, if not for Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas.

I was able to tell some SHC's about some possible cartoon map jobs that were available. I haven't gotten the latest scoop, but last I heard, it sounded like a couple of them just might actually be taking those gigs. Chalk up more points for Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas! (unless those guys turn out to hate drawing cartoon maps or something)

Has anybody else made any helpful connections through the page? If so, please relate them in the comments below. Or shoot me an email about it. cgarrison[at] Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Chris, Congratulations on the one year anniversary. Thanks for letting me be a part. The quilt looks really cool. I am currently working on some BMX inspired paintings, t-shirt designs, and prints for Team Underachiever. I will post some images soon. Hope everything is going smooth. Later on, Scotty

Mark Martin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Holy crap, has it really been a year? That probably means it's been at least a half a year since I said hello. I got kinda busy! What else is new? HEY! I know! I'll post something right now!

Kirk Creel said...

Happy Anniversary,

I too ran into Don Stewart and Scotty at the Bluff Park Art Show and would not known to look them up if not for the SHC. Both of them had some very fine displays.