Monday, January 12, 2009

me again

In reply to Chris's comments here:

Actually a couple of other guys created the backstory and were developing that video game. I just did some artwork for them to put together a little demo. It would have been a pretty cool game, I guess. I am not into video games so I can't really evaluate them, but it seemed pretty cool to me. It was called "Space Cadets" and it had something to do with an alien Police Academy, if I recall correctly.

ANYWAY - no graphic novel coming from me on that one, but I have just started serializing a Crazy Boss graphic novel on jabberous. If I can stick with it, it will probably take about two years to get this thing finished, so wish me luck. In the meantime, I think it may be interesting to watch this thing slowly unfold backwards.


Chris_Garrison said...

Crazy Boss looks great! It sounds big and ambitious. I'm excited.

I'm not crazy about the idea of reading it backwards, though. It twists my brain in a way that's not really fun for me.

The panel above is masterful! Beautifully done. I love the guy in black, at the front of the line. I want to see a whole book about him.

I only have one nit to pick about this panel, and I don't have any nits with any of the other panels you've posted so far. Here it is: The mommy's head is too backwards! It's fun for her to twist her head around and talk to the person behind her, especially with the little girl hugging her, but the impression I get is not that she's looking back, but that her head's on backwards. It creates a moment of trying to figure out which way the person is really facing, and therefore breaks up the flow of the line, and the understanding that all these people are standing in line and waiting. My suggestion for a fix: the line describing the the right side of her neck should be convex, not concave. Then maybe add a little diagonal line down the neck that adds a feeling of twistedness. Really, her face probably needs to be facing more towards us, but keeping her eyes on the guy behind. Because it looks like her head is facing directly behind, toward her spine. But if you don't want to go to all the trouble of adjusting her head position, I think at least the neck tweaks would help. Just my 2 cents. I realize I probably shouldn't say things like this to people who don't ask for critiques. But sometimes I can't help myself!

Mark Martin said...

Oh, I know that lady's head is fukt. But I gotta discipline myself to NOT be too anal about this thing, or I'll NEVER get it finished. I could show you a hundred more things that bug me about that panel, but at some point I just gotta say "good enough!"

Also, I have this thing about the original art matching the comic, and not being fixed in photoshop. I break that rule, but I try not to. I think it makes the art more valuable. I don't know if that is a proveable economic fact, but I know That I would be a little pissed if i bought the original art for a beloved comic page, only to find out it had a lady's head on backwards!