Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Post!

*firstly, thankyou Chris! :)
Sio here, and this is my first blog post, tho I've been following it for some time. I've enjoyed seeing what all yall cartooneestas are up to, along with all the artistic Alabama happenings.
As for myself, I've been up to my eye-balls in the rigors of art college at good ol' UM, working towards my BFA, but also dabbling in my own little comic work on the side. It's a fan-comic and completely for fun, but it's fantastic practice and I love every minute of working on it. (I've just breached the 3rd chapter!) is where it's at and I invite you to swing by and check it out if you have the time! I'll be sure to announce when major updates are made.
Besides that, I wish you all a pleasent Summer!
~Sio Out

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Tim Rocks said...

I'm amazed at how productive you are while still in school! When I have time I'll have to read a few pages and see what it's about.