Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crazy Ideas! Yes? No?

Hey guys!

Hoping you are all doing well and being productive. And escaping this heat! Oh my goodness. 5 years and I'm still not used to it.

Anyway, because there's an actual point to this post, I'm gonna get into it.
One of the great things about having a group of artists in an area are the awesome opportunities you get to not just hang out, but learn from each other! The time that I improved over the shortest amount of time was when I spent every weekend with a local group in the San Fran area called B.A. A.U. , short for Bay Area Artists Unite.
B. A.A.U. was just a group of artists, just like us, who shared a common interest in comics, cartooning, and animation. Some of them attended my school, others were completely self taught, and ALL of us loved hanging out.
We would sit in an open area of a mall in Japantown and, well...draw!
Doing this, we shared methods, taught discoveries and different ways to do things. Those who weren't in school learned things the art students learned in class, and we all encouraged each other to keep drawing. Essentially we taught each other to improve.
I think it was this group and doing things like this that I miss the most about California. I made lasting friendships and saw my skill skyrocket. Just because I was having fun!

I suppose the point of this long winded proposal (I can write novels sometimes), is wondering what you all thought about doing something like this?
It, of course, doesn't have to be every week, maybe once a month or once every other month. Doesn't mean there can't be any "unofficial" meets if people want to get together more than that.

The Hoover Library, where my boyfriend currently works in the Children's Department, has opened up their Plaza, which not only houses a quiet reading room, bookstore, and coffee shop, but also is a wonderful place to sit and do things, and has ample room for something like this. I spend a lot of time here just to get out of the house. :D
Now, we likely won't be able to reserve an area, but I also know that there is nothing that states we cant meet up on our own either. And because Josh works there (Hopefully I will be as well soon! Fingers crossed!) I will know ahead of time if there are any library programs happening in the Plaza, so we can figure out a time to gather where we wont be stepping on peoples toes.

I would have no problem gathering more information, as well as looking into things people wish to learn more about (like figure drawing and anatomy, or computer programs, or different media to work with).
This, of course, all depending on what you guys think and if it sounds interesting to anyone. So let me know! You guys have any ideas, too? Speak up! We've all got nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

Stay cool, 'Bamians!


Chris_Garrison said...

Great ideas, Ali! I agree that it would be fun and productive for folks to get together. I haven't tried much to actually organize things, because I'm simultaneously busy and lame.

I did get together with Tim Rocks for that little comic jam not too long ago, and I've been trying to schedule one with Chris Rosko. I think that might happen this week.

The Hoover Library sounds good, and I imagine we could come up with some other places, too. (Hey, our fellow SHC Derek Anderson works at a library, too. Is it Hoover? Do you and your guy know him?)

Speaking of figure drawing classes, I think they used to have some (and still do?) at the J (the Jewish Community Center), which is run by our fellow SHC Garth Potts. Maybe we should mob the J and take over the class.

I worry that not enough SHC's actually follow this blog, so if we don't get a few comments to this post over the next few days or a week, we might ought to just send your ideas out to everyone via a mass email.

Now, who else out there wants to get together and draw?

Ali Marceau said...

I have a habit of trying to make get-togethers. Would you believe I'm actually pretty shy in public? But when I get the need, I'm always willing to take an initiative and work something where people can meet. I don't get out of the house much at the moment(doesn't help that my car is broken), so having an excuse to do so would be great.
I don't have many friends who draw. My best friend is a graphic designer who does sketches here and there, but she's not one of those people you can just sit with and draw. She's more a photographer as well, so...most of the time when I get together with a big group of friends, it's all about the ball jointed dolls. :3

I know it can get really hot in the summer(which is why I suggested the Library. Free air conditioning! if you live outside of Hoover)...otherwise I'd love to do some outings to one of the botanical gardens(or the ZOO!) for an art jam. It would give us a chance to do some studies we otherwise wouldn't really do on our own(because I know I don't do enough technical sketches myself!).

I would absolutely LOVE to join up on a figure drawing class. I've been looking really hard for somewhere that does drawing classes with figure drawing, but most places I can find around here only do painting and pottery. I know there's a class at the Hoover/Bluff Park community center, though from what is written on the info sheet, the price of it varies depending on how many people show up to the session.

I'm currently waiting for a position to close up at the library myself, and if my crossed fingers pay off, I'll be working at the Box Office. Josh has been an assistant in the Children's Department for about two years now(wow...has it really been that long? O.o), so I pretty much know most of the Children's Department. I also know Justin in Fiction(We played LAN parties together) along with Latt Vines in Children's. Actually, Josh will be doing an autograph session as Spiderman in a few weeks for the kids!

I'm generally available at any time at the moment(being unemployed does that), so my schedule is pretty flexible as long as Josh isn't at work(which, if wanted, I can go with him and we can meet at the library while he works. *LOL*). At least until I get my license renewed and car working and registered again.

But yeah, lemmie know what's up. I'm all gung-ho!

fason is a dork. said...

i've wanted to organize something like this for us myself, but like garrison, i am also pretty lame. :P for me, the best times would be after work (after 5pm weekdays and fridays... minus tuesdays) because it's the only time i'm remotely close to hoover. but i'm definitely interested in doing something like this. i think this is worthy of a mass e-mail anyways just to try and get more feedback.

jamison said...

mass email... yes. i believe that many people would be interested in something like this, and i would love to help you in getting some details together. first off, a possible format may be a good idea. this could be something we feel out after the first meeting or something where we just crank out a list of objectives right off the get go.
all this to say, i may be able to start us off with a regular location to meet but it would be downtown. i'll look into into and let you know. for the record, i check my email every couple of days so if my response is slow, don't think i've lost interest!


Mark Martin said...

Too far to drive :(((((((

Chris_Garrison said...

Okay, I just sent out a mass email to all the SHC's, suggesting they jump in on the comments here, or email one of us, if they care to attend something.

If we have a regular get-together, I think monthly would be a good a good interval to try at first. Maybe the 3rd Wednesday of each month, or the 2nd Thursday, or whatever.

I also think B'ham would be preferable to Hoover, if we can find a good place here. Because it's more central to the whole area we serve, so if we get visitors from out of town, it'll be easier for them to get to and find. I'd offer up my house, but it's full of extra furniture right now, so it's kind of crowded and weird.

A field trip to the zoo would be awesome. It's great to sketch animals from life, if you can catch them out in the open, instead of hiding or sleeping. Ali, you have to get over your aversion to our heat and humidity. This is nothing; wait 'til August. To cope with Alabama summers, we pump up the A.C. as much as possible when indoors, but when out of doors, we have to embrace it. Say to yourself, "I am a frog, and I am constantly enveloped in a healthy layer of sticky slime (your sweat). This is my natural state, and I like it this way." And don't forget to drink plenty of fluids.

Chris_Garrison said...

We could call it the Salty 'Ham Slam!

Thunk said...

Hola fellow "eesta's" ,

That sounds like a wonderful Idea...
Informative, creative and fun.

I don't check the blog that much but my email
gets checked everyday, You kids just let me know the whens, wheres and what to bring with
and I'm there.

Take care all,

Joe Attaway

Thunk said...

Salty 'Ham Slam.


I see t-shirts in our future.. and I have printers for days..

Who wants one?

Brandon McCullar said...

Sounds like a rockin good time count me in.Brandon

Chris_Garrison said...

This just came from Christopher Davis:

Ham Slam Thank you Ma'am!

Sounds good. Maybe we can meet after work. The downtown library has meeting rooms. Chinatown restaurant in five points has a cool section for large
parties and the food is cheap. Taj India next to western supermarket has a
back area too. The porch at bottle tree might work, but sometimes it's pretty smoky if a show is going on. Maybe there's a comic book shop we could
go to. I could even try to get some meeting space here at southern progress.

Chris_Garrison said...

I just heard from Kirk Creel. He too thinks it would be a great idea to have a "draw and jaw."

Tim Rocks said...

I think we should consider meeting at Mark Martin's house to make it easier on him.

Chris_Garrison said...

Yes, let's all fly up north and stay at Pumpie's for a couple of weeks.

Ali Marceau said...

Whoah! Holy comments, Batman! XD

Downtown would be okay for me, as long as Josh drives. I'm a nervous wreck behind the wheel, especially downtown. *L*

5 years, Chris. I have been here 5 years(and 4 years in Houston)...and I still can't get used to the heat. I'm such a ghost. I burn...peel...and am white underneath. Or scarred. I got a sunburn one summer in the shape of my criss cross bathing suit on my back one year at the beach...I had the scar of that for TWO years before it faded away.
Josh had bubbles from a bad sunburn a few years ago. The sun is evil. HISS!

For the summer, Josh works Tuesday and Thursday nights 4-9pm and Wednesday 9am-1pm...and every other weekend. So I'm stuck either at home or at the Library those times because of my transportation issue. Other than that, I'm free at any time...and sure that Josh would be willing to join us to work on his drawing as well. :)

Chris_Garrison said...

> The sun is evil.

Spoken like a true cartoonist, Ali.

We just got the following from Andrew Willmore:

Meetups might be a cool idea. When I saw your e-mail, I wondered if you've heard of Anyone can sign up as an administrator and start any kind of group in any area (I think there is a monthly fee though). Starting a Salty Ham Meetup Group might be an easy way for those interested to sign up, RSVP, and receive group updates about events, etc.

Just a thought!


Chris_Garrison said...

In my mass email, I said, "Who else wants to get together and talk / draw / have chocolate milk, etc.?"

Sam McDavid responds:

Man! Chocolate milk? Count me in!

Derek Anderson sez:

I'd totally be down.

And Pat Snow came back with:

Right now I am super flexible.. So anywhere any time is good.. I think I will be going to mobile in late June for a week or so.

ratigan said...

If not out of town, I am down.