Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Salty 'Ham Slam! (planning)

A whole bunch of our esteemed (and not so esteemed) members have piped up in support of Ali's suggestion that we have a gathering. If I had known there'd be so much enthusiasm for this, maybe I'd have tried to organize something sooner.

We've heard from Ali Marceau, Chris Fason, Jamison Harper, Mark Martin, Joe Attaway, Brandon McCullar, Christopher Davis, Kirk Creel, Tim Rocks, Andrew Willmore, Sam McDavid, Derek Anderson, and Pat Snow. They didn't ALL say they'd try to make it, but a bunch of them did.

Let's do a Saturday afternoon at 3:00. That way, we might get more folks who work weekdays. I have to go to the darn beach for a week, from maybe the 13th to the 20th or something. So let's say Saturday, June 27th, at 3pm. Anybody got a huge problem with that? Comment in the comments below, or send me an email.

Here's what you might see when you arrive:

Let's consider this a stand alone event, for now. If we get a good group and have a lot of fun, we can turn it into a monthly get together or something. Later, people can try to rally cartooneestas for zoo trips, figure drawing classes, or whatever else.

Everybody bring your sketchbooks or sketches, so we can look at each other's stuff. And make sure you have some blank pages in there, so we can draw stuff, and draw in each other's sketchbooks, or whatever we're going to do.

I think the tone should be very informal, and we should all just shake hands, grin, and crap like that. If anybody wants to get on a soapbox and make an announcement or a speech, that's allowed. But others are allowed to throw vegetables, etc.

So let's talk more about possible locations. Folks have mentioned: The Hoover library, Greencup Books, maybe?, the downtown library, Chinatown restaurant (Southside), Taj India (Southside), Bottletree, Kingdom Comics, or Southern Progress. Let's keep thinking, and hopefully we can settle on something soon.


Ali Marceau said...

I'm a regular at Kingdom Comics. Need to pick up New Avengers: Reunion # 4 so I can ask the owner, Stan, about the possibility of a meet up like this. He does host 24 hour comic day every year, and I know he's been eagerly waiting for the store next door to go under so he can expand the shop and I believe part of his plans is to have an artist section for things just like this.

Kingdom Comics, for those who don't know, is in Vestavia, right off of 31.

Ali Marceau said...

Oh! Also, June 27th is good, as long as Josh and I pack beforehand. We're leaving the next day for Houston for my mothers wedding.
I might need a meet up like this to calm my nerves. I hate flying.

Chris_Garrison said...

Hal Jones chimed in:

I would love to be involved if I'm not busy that weekend. Anywhere in the Metro Area is fine with me so long as there's coffee!

I'll try to get more involved. This sounds like fun.

fason is a dork. said...

the 27th. wouldn't miss it. kingdom comics is usually good for saturdays. i taught some cartooning classes there a while back on saturday mornings... just chatted (chatted, is that right? chat, chatted, have chatten) w/ stan and he's all for it as long as no gaming or star trek / star wars clubs were meeting (and currently there are none). and there's a great deli just down the sidewalk. not to limit ourselves to kingdom comics but wanted to throw that out there. :D

Chris_Garrison said...

Cool, they're definitely in the running. Thanks for talking to Stan. I kind of just assumed that there would always be gamers there, but knowing that maybe we could book it before them, Kingdom would be a pretty good option, I reckon.

However, I kind of lean towards finding a less public room, if we can, so we won't be bugged by people asking us stupid questions and such. I'm looking at a couple other options, and I'll try to keep y'all posted. Meanwhile, everybody please continue to make suggestions.

Chris_Garrison said...

Hey all, our fellow SHC Garth Potts, who runs the Jewish Community Center, says he can get us a room there. But not on a Saturday, because that's the Sabbath! So I'm thinking Sunday the 28th, maybe 2- 5 pm, would be good. I think more cartooneestas would have a Sunday afternoon free than a weeknight. That's just my guess.

I'll solidify plans with Garth next week; he's on vacation this week. I don't know what room we should use. The J has a gallery, boardroom, arts and crafts room, and 2 meeting rooms. And it's pretty easy to find, convenient to B'ham. What do y'all think?

rosko said...

down 4 whateva.

Ali Marceau said...

Is this the center in Hueytown? Just so I know I'm thinking of the right place.

I will be gone that Sunday (June 28th) until the following Sunday (July 5th), however, and this Sunday I'm in Gadsden.

Hah, this is why my doll group plans meets months in advance. We got frustrated with trying to figure this sort of thing out.

Now, for anyone who just wants to meet up and do a small Jam, I try to be at the Hoover Library every Thursday from 4:30pm-9pm. I'm usually in the Plaza on one of the couches either on my slate tablet computer, knitting , or reading. I'm pretty easy to pick out with my blond hair. Don't be afraid to approach me! I don't bite!

Chris_Garrison said...

No, it's the one on Montclair Rd, B'ham .. like if you're going from Southside, thru Mtn. Brook, towards Eastwood .. We'll give everyone directions, it's not hard to find .. www.bhamjcc.org

Sorry you can't make it that day! But it's good to know where you are on Thursdays; maybe some other SHC's will show up and draw with you.

Ali Marceau said...

Yeah, it sorta sucks, but it's not like this will be the only meet up. :) I'll just have to catch the next one!