Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obligatory Post

Since Garrison is out of pocket, here's a post to keep things lively.

I'm working on pages for a new comic called "Strength in Numbers" with NC based writer Christopher Wolf ( I'm not showing off any pages just yet (but I will bring them to our Salty >> No Ham << Slam on the 28th) but here's a brief synopsis:

When Hundredman was felled, Earth lost its mightiest hero.Fortunately, a covert organization has bred a new generation of heroes from his preserved DNA. Now coffee shop drone Lester Moore has discovered the truth of his origins... He's Number 19, one of these super-human clones, and he's about to discover just which power he's inherited.

One of our characters in his "golden age":

Okay, what else?

Who saw UP? Here's my review that I posted on my FB and DA pages...

Let me preface this by saying that I am already a huge Pixar mark. I easily geek out over anything Pixar related.

I, my wife, my (nearly six-year-old) son, and my middle-school aged cousin went to see Pixar's UP (in glorious 3D). The critics have already called it bold, masterful, and enchanting among many other high-praise adjectives. I can't say that there is one Pixar film that I do not enjoy. Some I like more than others, of course and for different reasons... but the biggest and most consistent enjoyable aspect of Pixar's movies is the brilliant storytelling. The people at Pixar obviously have a great love for the art and craft of storytelling and storytelling done well. And they have mastered it.

A great majority of Hollywood has forgotten what makes a great film or how to make a movie that plays on your emotions and brings you into the picture; fighting, weeping, and laughing with the characters on their journey. I fought back tears while my wife cried and my cousin openly sobbed as Carl Fredrickson turned the pages of his wife's scrapbook. If only live actors could emote so well... The storytellers at Pixar remember what good movies is all about.

Go see UP. See it twice.

Ronnie Del Carmen is the story art lead from UP and was also the story art lead on Finding Nemo. He's also a super nice guy. Check out his stuff!

Okay, random recent art:


Tim Rocks said...

It cracks me up that your cousin was "openly sobbing".

I think just the phrase "openly sobbing" is pretty funny in itself, but then when it happens at a Pixar movie it's even better.

fason is a dork. said...

she cries easy. :shrugs: it'd be funnier if she was openly sobbing at transformers 2 (i guess we'll have to wait and see about that)...

Tim Rocks said...

Mm.. not quite as funny knowing she's female. I prefer the idea of your male cousin openly sobbing when you take him to Pixar movies.

Chris_Garrison said...

I'm home, safe and sound, jiggity jig, etc.

Hey Fason, good catching up.

The Strength in Numbers idea sorta reminds me of the Lilo and Stitch TV show, where they had to round up all the other failed experiments. You know, Stitch is experiment 626, and the others all have numbers as well.

I agree that UP was a quality product.

Daredevil with sneakers! That makes so much more sense than boots. Super-heroes all jump around on rooftops and stuff, so why don't they all wear sneaks?

Hey, what's that patch thing? It looks like a flying tiger from an alien world.

fason is a dork. said...

when i rule the world, superheroes will all wear sensible footwear and fingerless gloves.

the patch is for the local 501st (star wars group, y'know the guys that dress up like storm troopers) for a new x-wing squadron. the design is based off a tuskegee airmen patch design...

the creature is a nexu from sw: episode 2.

i was thinking for a more "dead at 21" story feel than lilo and stitch for SiN... there's nothing new under the sun, just new ways of presenting the material. :P

holy crap, we're a week away from our salty >>no ham<< slam!