Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comic Lecture Recap, Anyone?

To those that went, how'd Stan's comics lecture go?


Chris_Garrison said...

How'd it go? Really, it didn't. Not as advertised, anyway. I don't know where Ali got the idea that Stan was going to be giving a "lecture" or "presentation on how to get your comics published." What actually happened was a freeform chitchat with teens. (?!) And it wasn't really about the comics industry, per se. It was more about what comic book movies we liked or didn't like, and Stan's thoughts on the history of the comics code, Alan Moore, etc. This was perfectly pleasant, but just not what I expected. But I did get to meet Ali in person. And Brian Ratigan and I drew in each other's notebooks. And Stan gave away prizes, so I won 2 comic books.

Ali Marceau said...

I got that idea because that's what I was told by the library and their info publications on it said. Then again, we artists don't always follow what were outlined to do, so. :D It wasn't what I expected either. I guess it happens though.

I had a blast, though. I don't get to talk it up with fellow comic fans, and I got to chat with Stan beforehand, which I always enjoy.