Friday, July 3, 2009

me me me ME!

Hi folks. I just gave my website its first make-over in about a jillion years, so I'd like to toot my horn. Check it out, if you have a few minutes to waste.
I miss you all, even the ones I never met! Even Howard, who lives an hour away, but I never see him because we both stay busy - but I hope to see you in August, Howard! We're picking out a schmooze venue especially geared towards old geezers like us who can't hear well and who have to have freedom to move around (and pee every 30 minutes).


Chris_Garrison said...

Mark, your new site is da bomb! (But WHAT is that thingy above? It reminds me of a Jim Woodring something-or-other.)

I think the stuff you did recently for -- was is a hotel in Wales or something? -- was one of the best things ever. Not by you, specifically, but by all mankind. It was really nice, so you should put it up somewhere.

Kirk Creel said...

Mark. I love the new site, especially the catchy headings for the sections. Cool as usual.

Tim Rocks said...

where is the Wales thing?