Thursday, September 3, 2009

Animation at Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival

Not exactly Cartooneesta-related, but....
Come and see the world premiere our short film SUNDAY playing at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival! It is an experimental hybrid of live action and stop motion animation, and will be screened alongside other local shorts.

Saturday • Sept. 26 • 9pm • Alabama Power Theatre

Buy tickets at the Alabama Theater and then walk directly over to the Alabama Power Theatre [600 18th Street North]. Seating will be limited so please arrive a little early. Hope to see you there!

SUNDAY Trailer from ratigan on Vimeo.

Shameless self-promotion, I know, but these things can make you smarter.


Chris_Garrison said...

Cool! Thanks for posting this, Brian.

How long is Sunday, and approximately what percent would you say is animated?

Your fellow animators are welcome to join Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas, especially anybody who draws or animates in 2d, or anybody who sculpts weird characters. So please invite anybody I haven't invited, or re-invite anybody that I have.

ratigan said...

Will do.
SUNDAY is a 12-minute abstract short; approx. 60% animated. It is a bizarre, surreal tale of a man whose mundane routine affects his mental instability.

Chris_Garrison said...

Cool. Hey Ratigan, check out the sculpted heads by SHC Jonathan Hooks (one on his page, and one in his thumbnail on the Cartooneestas page). Pretty nifty. Maybe he should be sculpting heads for 3d puppet animations!