Saturday, September 5, 2009

Near Miss

A few weeks back, I finally got in touch with Scott Stantis, editorial cartoonist for the Birmingham News and creator of Prickly City. He said he'd be happy to join SHC, so I was happy to be signing such an esteemed new recruit.

But then, after working here for nearly 13 years, he got a job at the Chicago Tribune! So he let me know, since he's moving away, that he wouldn't be signing on as a Salty 'Ham after all. I said he could become an Honorary Ex-Pat, like Mark Martin and Howard Cruse, but I haven't heard back. I can understand, because he wasn't from here originally. So it's sort of like he was just passing through.

So, goodbye, Scott! It was nice almost knowing you! And of course you'll always be welcome to join Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas.

Here's Scott Stantis' blog at And here's a nice collection of some of his best editorial cartoons throughout his stay. And don't forget to visit Prickly City.

Now who's going to fill the void? I've heard the paper will be looking for someone new, so . . . are there any applicants among you?