Sunday, September 13, 2009

Salty 'Ham Slam 3 - On Reflection

Our third get-together was a great time! We had several new and highly talented attendees. I brought a camera, but forgot to take any pictures. Darn it.

Let's see, there was James Hislope, Frank Cummings, Garth Potts, Tim Rocks, and myself, Chris Garrison. And guests Tim Spinosi and Paul Godbey. And later, there was -- Well, it's a funny story:

It came up in conversation that Nolen Otts (great local artist whom I've been courting for SHC this whole time) had died! I was shocked and dismayed; Nolen's a great guy, and I'd been worried about him . . . and now this. Ugh.

But as we continued to talk, it became clear that the reports of his passing were greatly exaggerated. The story was two years old, and I'd been in touch with him in the last month, so . . . Was this some awful rumor, or what?

Then, at about 4:30, the meeting broke up, and most of the guys left. As I was walking out, straggling behind as Tim Rocks helped me schlep the leftover snacks, Nolen showed up! He had returned triumphantly from the grave, newly engaged and looking in great shape. Unfortunately, he'd missed the festivities. But he vowed to make a better go of it for our next meeting.

From 2:00 to 3:00, we put some art out on the table that we could all look at, and just talked about stuff in general. At about 3:00, I talked about the issues facing the group, and everybody gave good input. I'll fill you in on this in an upcoming newsletter email.

I asked everybody to draw in my sketchbook. Frank Cummings created this smarmy fellow with our favorite brush pen:

James Hi-slope did this (autobiographical?) doodle:

Actually, I guess it's the guy from Blackout Drunk, but it sorta favors James, too.

Tim Spinosi drew this frazzled little man:

I gotta get that guy to send me some jpegs, so I can finally add a page on the SHC site for him.

And we passed around this goofy little comic jam:

Panel 1 by Chris Garrison; panel 2 by Tim Spinosi; panel 3 by James Hislope; panel 4 by Frank Cummings, who thought he'd completely derailed the storyline with his bizarre goo-goo man. But then we have panel 5 by Tim Rocks; and panel 6 by me, Chris Garrison. We rescued the plot, and now it makes perfect sense! . . . but not really.

People ate cookies and candy, and fun was had. So join us, won't you, for the NEXT Salty 'Ham Slam! (as yet unscheduled)

You can look back at previous slams, here: Slam 1, Slam 2


fason is a dork. said...

love the jam comic. wish i coulda made it!

Captain Hooks said...

some awesome looking stuff came out of the meeting. I look forward to hopefully attending one of them. Although... gotta say, I'm a little intimidated.

Chris_Garrison said...

Re: the comic jam, I keep ending up being the one to start and end them, but not on purpose. It just happens. Next time I'll have to get some other people to start some.

Chris_Garrison said...

Re: being intimidated, you needn't be. I haven't noticed anybody being snooty or anything. Everyone just seems to enjoy hanging out and chatting.

Lorenzo Kirkpatrick said...

I vow to attend the next one! I refuse to miss October's meeting. I will punch, kick, stomp, bowl over and spear anything and anyone who gets in my way (provided my wife let's me)! RAAARH!!

Chris_Garrison said...

Wives can be tough, I know. If she puts up a fuss, just invite her along. Several wives attended the first Slam, and they definitely brightened up the place.