Friday, October 2, 2009

24 Hour Comics Day

It's 24 Hour Comics Day again, already! Gosh, time flies.

Kingdom Comics (Vestavia) is hosting folks again for this crazy challenge -- Draw a 24-page comic in 24 hours. I don't think I'll participate this time; frankly, I don't think I'd come out with anything much good in that amount of time, plus I'm too old to stay up all night. But I believe fellow SHC's Chris Fason, Chris Rosko, and Alison Marceau, plus former SHC Sarah White, will all be there. Will YOU?

It goes from noon Saturday (Oct 3) 'til noon Sunday (Oct 4). Sodas are available from the machine, and the comic shop will probably spring for some pizza at around 9pm.

Go HERE to see a video about last year's event.

(I called Astrobrain Comics, but they're not doing anything.)


fason is a dork. said...

i'm a terrible cartooneesta. i intended to post about this earlier and just never did. sorry.

i'm kinda surprised astrobrain isn't doing anything. i've yet to visit astrobrain, but i'd imagined that they would have some regulars who are also artists who'd want to have the event there...

anyways, i have absolutely no idea what i'm going to do. i hope people will come and visit those of us who do attempt the challenge. this is going to be fun. :D

Chris_Garrison said...

Yeah, you shoulda posted. You're supposta be my co-captain! I didn't know a thing about it, until I saw Rosko mention it on facebook. I can't believe it's been a year!

I visited Astrobrain, and I quite liked it.

I'll try to visit, maybe late Sat. night and early Sun. morn., if'n I kin.

Tim Rocks said...

I like this thing even though I never participate! I like to drop in and see a whole roomful of hard-working cartoonists. It's like the fabled sweatshops of yesteryear.