Tuesday, October 13, 2009

creepfest backgrounds

If you're wondering what the bottom image of the "mermaid" on the trashcan means, there's not a good explanation. It sort of evolved out of a committee and I never tried to edit it to make more sense, for better or worse.

The image below (of what's supposed to be a drive-in movie) is incomplete until the "dark-ride car" with our three hosts is dropped into the empty parking space.

The blank movie screen will have the title of the movie under review on it.


Chris_Garrison said...

Okay, so I gather this is sort of a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 type show your friend is making. And you already told us you're doing some drawings that will be put together in After Effects. That's cool.

I too have an old drawing of a "fiji mermaid" somewhere.

I like the purposeful wonkiness of the cars and screens in those 4th and 5th panels!

Tim Rocks said...

I am pretty awesome!!