Monday, October 5, 2009

Fason's 24-Hour Comics Day Comic

Along with a few other Cartooneestas, I made a 24-hour comic on Saturday at Kingdom Comics in Vestavia. I actually copped-out and didn't do a real comic w/ a sequential story; I did more of a fun little picture-book of monsters. Clickie-clickie! Everyone else has to post theirs' too!


Chris_Garrison said...

Beauteous! My faves are:

#3. Stewart
#9. Franklin
#12. Woodrow
#17. Liam
and #21. Doyle

They remind me of J'Mel Davidson's Creep a Day blog: .. Only you had to do a monster an hour, instead of a creep a day.

#14. Bob reminds me of the Shlumpoids, from (non-SHC) Birmingham cartoonist Hunter Cressall's online comic, Vexxarr: (scroll down to the Shlumpoids)

fason is a dork. said...

cool, thanks for posting the address to that blog; definitely want to check that out since you mentioned it saturday.

and woodrow, is my dog, woody. i forgot to ink in his collar... you can vaguely see the pencil lines. he's a monster of a puppy. :D