Friday, October 2, 2009

Art Show Saturday 5-10pm

A little late notice, but here goes....

The Birmingham Art Collective is hosting The Show at Woodlawn this Saturday night at Woodrow Hall (1st Ave N & 55th St). A TON of artists are scheduled to show and there will be live music by DJ Rashido and a few bands. I'll have video projection of animation & other visual delights so stop by if you can.
It is FREE and Bottletree will be selling yummy food items there along with an alcohol selection. Good things.


On a side note, my short film SUNDAY will be showing all month on FINAL BROADCAST, so if you didn't catch it at Sidewalk then you have yet another chance to be perplexed and distraught.

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Chris_Garrison said...

Wow, cool. I'll try to make this.


I missed Final Broadcast tonight! I thought it was at 8. The Brighthouse program guide doesn't show it at 6 or 8, so they were no help. Oh well. Next week.