Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey! - a :: WAyBaCk MaChINe :: for real.

Dead websites are now brought back to life.

Have you ever said to yourself, "dog-gone-it, self, I sure do wish that I would have kept a copy of those cartoon files that I created for www!", if you are like me you probably say it, on a regular basis.
I was searchin' for some of my old art files online & came across the web archive, very cool.
I even found one of my old websites, it's been dead for years, WOW!

The fantastic people at Internet Archive, must have said it to themselves too, and found a solution. It is called the wayBack Machine and it freakin' Rocks Dude!
Just point your browser to to see what you can find.

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Chris_Garrison said...

Cool! . . . Now where are Mr. Peabody and Sherman?