Thursday, May 7, 2009


I've just set up a slightly spiffier web site, for the main Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas page. It's nothing extremely special. I'm not really web savvy at all, so I just put it together using Google Sites. But it's nice because, instead of being a blog, where everybody's stuff is all on one long list, it now has actual separate pages. Also, it has a simpler url, which is much easier to say and remember:

There's still a long list going down the Cartooneestas page, but it's a little easier to digest, because there's just a thumbnail image representing each cartooneesta. I made these thumbnail images by assembling three old pieces from each artist. If you'd like to use something else for your thumbnail, instead of the quick collage I threw together for you, let me know. I know I want to make something special for my own thumbnail, when I can get around to it.

The old site is defunct now; it just links to the new site. Please, if you've linked to the old site somewhere on your own sites, change that link to go to

If anybody has any suggestions for extra pages or features I should add to the new site, fire away. Also, now's a good time to review your page there. If it has any bad links, please tell me. If you'd like to change out your images or blurbs in any way, I'm happy to do it. Just email me: cgarrison[at]

(Here on the Salty 'Ham Jam, the links within posts, that are supposed to go to the cartooneestas' pages, will no longer work. Maybe I can go through and fix those up a little bit, day by day, whenever time permits.)

addendum, the following week: ( . . . And now I have fixed those links.)


Sio said...

Very nice! And great idea as well ^_^

Mark Martin said...

Hey Chris, I just got a chance to go check out the new Wow, hats off to you for going to all that trouble to help promote us slackers! Great job, and thanks!

Mark Martin said...

Hey Chris again, thanks for the John Walker update!