Monday, September 7, 2009

Salty 'Ham Slam - Reminder


Hey, everybody, don't forget -- Our 3rd Salty 'Ham Slam is scheduled for this Sunday afternoon, from 2 - 5, at the J! Click HERE for more details.

We've got a few new members who I'm hoping will make it, and a few old ones who I know want to come for the first time. And a few regulars I expect we can count on. So it should be a good turnout. But only if YOU arrive with bells on.

Read about the fun we had at SLAM 1 and SLAM 2, then imagine that only better! There will be handshaking, camaraderie, serious discussion, fun doodling, bowls of hot fudge*, rabid armadillos**, and naked Brazilians***! So,


* not guaranteed
** at participating Salty 'Ham Slams only
*** chance of 1 in 427,962,803


Chris_Garrison said...

Pat Snow can't make it this time, but hopes to come to the following one. Plus, he has an art opening at Bare Hands on Oct. 2.

Chris_Garrison said...

Christopher Davis should be there this time. He's wacky.

Chris_Garrison said...

New member Richard Haigler unfortunately can't make it this time, but hopefully we'll see him at the next one. Which I guess we might do on Oct. 18th or Oct. 24th (?).

fason is a dork. said...

i don't think i'm going to be able to make it this sunday, guys. i'm part of a puppet theater group and we're performing at a festival coming up on the 19th and we've got to rehearse. it's so weird and cool at the same time. i'm such a nerd.

Tim Rocks said...

I always hate when the puppet rehearsals conflict with cartoon club.

Chris_Garrison said...

I know, right! I missed my robot enthusiasts meeting last week because I had to be at a wizards' gathering.

Chris_Garrison said...

Frank Cummings, James Hislope, and Joe Attaway have all expressed interest in coming this time .. I hope they can!

ratigan said...

SHC vs. the Puppet Theater:

For mature audiences only.