Thursday, October 2, 2008

answers and more

[Here's a post Mark Martin put up here accidentally! He meant to post it on his own blog. I'll just let it stay, so everybody can get a small taste of what things are like over at Mark's blog: jabberous. --Chris G.]

dogboy and eeteed want info on the "September Project"...

It's for a promotional piece for a wonderful bed & breakfast in Wales. I'll post the completed art soon. I like to wait until the object actually exists before unveiling work done for a commercial enterprise.

jed: And unlike the "family recipes" of some candidates: Those delicious Hope Tacos and Barackitas probably aren't borrowed from the food network.

h-man: I can't watch THE SIMPSONS anymore.
WE KNOW WE KNOW!!! Look, last Sunday's episode was pretty lame, but even a lame Simpsons is better than the best Family Guy or American Dad ever produced. You can argue with me if you want to, but benny and bonzogal will just shout you down.

Why would you start a second blog?
Because I need that Hope Taco recipe!!!

Whyhowcome thay has never been a Gnatrat movie? Or has they bin an I just ain't never heard of it?
Yeah right!

benny: why do you only get 500 px for your stuff?
The 500 pixels I mentioned is the max width of the EveryThing "frame" on It is what it is because that's the way the webmaster made it.

Speaking of p-to-p, anybody who slacked off and missed Runaway Comic can get all 3 issues for $5.95 there now. Christmas is coming!!!

See the girl in the blue pants with long black hair? She's playing Jonah and that's me in the whale costume from my production of "Jonah and the Whale" from way back in the year 2000.

I ran into her dad recently (the balding guy in the foreground. He told me she has blossomed into quite the artist, so I checked out her online gallery and I have say that is an understatement. Not bad for a 16 year old prodigy. I yam so proud of her!!!

It's politics but it's FUN!!!
Obama As My Personal Jesus!
Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog!

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Mark Martin said...

CRAP!!! i was trying to post this at jabberous!

Chris_Garrison said...

I'll just keep it (there are a dearth of posts here anyway) and add a note at the top so nobody's head explodes from confusion.