Thursday, October 16, 2008


Halloween is a fun art time for me. This year I did some cool cut outs on birch.


Scotty said...

This is my first time to post images to a blog, they turned out a bit to big, I will check my size next time. Thanks for the invite to join.

Chris_Garrison said...

Yo! I just downloaded them and re-posted them, in the way that I think works better: uploading them to blogger, instead of linking to an outside image site or something. This way, they're only big if someone clicks on them. I also worry that, when someone uses a photobucket link or whatever, what happens when they take down their photobucket page? Will the image disappear from here, too? So that's another reason I do it this way.

The middle one is scary!

Scotty said...

Thanks Chris, I just checked out some of the animation, Love's Rich Bounty, good stuff.