Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Challenge

Chris Fason suggested not long ago (here) that we draw creepy costume versions of ourselves for Halloween. He sent us this disturbing piece, and Aine sent us this fun sketch. I've been a hermit in recent times, so I guess I won't dress up this year. So I don't really have an idea for a response to that challenge. In lieu, I decided to check in on Ptooey and Loogie, to see what they're doing this go 'round:

[For any latecomers, Ptooey and Loogie are characters I invented specifically for Salty 'Ham Jammers to play with (explained in greater detail here). Since then, four of us did a 3-page comic jam about them, called The Secret Sorcerer. And I did 4 other strips about them myself.]

It occurs to me now that I must have a penchant for horse-costume gags, because I just recalled drawing one for a Halloween party invitation some years ago. Checking the files . . . and here it is!

Oh, and Happy Halloween.

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Aine said...

That flyer is...disturbing...hahaha.