Sunday, October 26, 2008

Greencup Books

Saturday night, the wife and I visited Greencup Books. That's the cool, non-profit bookstore in Birmingham, next to Bare Hands Gallery. Rock bands were playing upstairs, but I just wanted to see the animation installation. They were playing a 3D puppet, stop-motion animated music video by Brian Ratigan, and another cool piece of After Effects animation by Burke Miles. I mean, they were projecting the movies on a sheet. I don't have Brian or Burke on the SHC roster yet, but maybe soon I can get them on board. Their films were nifty. And there was some cool art by Brandon McCullar, whom I also need to recruit.

The music was played at a typically high rock 'n' roll volume, which I can't blame them for. But the room had brick walls, creating an echo chamber. It was painful, really, and I could tell that I was suffering permanent hearing loss. I'm sure it will effect my quality of life, in later years. Most of the listeners were younger, and therefore naturally oblivious to dangers of all kinds. Including acoustical.

This might also be of interest to y'all: Greencup Books has a pretty good little comic book section. I think they're all used comics, and the selection is COMPLETELY random. But the nice thing is that, among the usual super-hero fare, a certain amount of the artier and/or funnier stuff can be found. The kinds you don't usually see much of, at our other area stores.

But I should mention, I expect to see all kinds of not-so-super-heroic comic books at Marcus Lusk's new store, Atomic Comics, in Gadsden. Rumor is that it will be opening pretty dern soon! I for one can't wait. And apparently a store called Astrobrain Comics is supposed to be opening in Pelham. I don't know what kinds of stuff to expect there.

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