Tuesday, October 21, 2008

drifting in molasses

okay, yeah, i'm still alive. for the past month or more, i and my family have been dealing w/ the sale and purchase of homes. it's been slow and frustrating. after setting and re-setting 4 closing dates we finally closed on the sale of our home last thursday and with moving and living out of a u-haul, it just wasn't in the cards to break away for 24-hours for the 24-hour comics day. as things sit, we're scheduled to close on the new house on thursday (we were originally supposed to close today. bleh.)

art-wise, other than the day job, i haven't really done any art lately, definitely no cartooning.

i only have internet at work so i'm sorry it seems i've been hiding under a rock. it's not intentional, just... life.

how about a simple art challenge for halloween? draw and post something creepy or halloween-y? i'll try and get something up today or tomorrow. ooh! draw yourself as you envision yourself as a creepy halloween character.

there. go.

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Chris_Garrison said...

Thanks for dropping in. You were missed! .. Mayhap I can find time to do a simple response to your Halloween challenge, before Halloween gets here .. Good luck on closing day!