Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Categories on SHC page

Hey-hey, Peeps!

There's a new facet to the Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas web site. Now, when you click on The Cartooneestas, instead of seeing a full list of ALL the artists at once, you see the following clickable options:

All the Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas (52 Entries)

Comic book artists (23)
Comic strip artists (13)
Animators (14)
Caricaturists (9)
Writers (30)
Illustrators (23)
Superheroic artists (11)
Anime-influenced artists (8)
Cartoony fine artists (15)

My hope is that visitors to the site will be less burdened by looking at such a long list of mystery-people. They can just click the category they're interested in. Also, possible new recruits might look at the categories and, on seeing that we already have a certain number of like-minded cartooneestas, be encouraged to join.

Now, I have already put you all into various categories (often more than one), but it's hard for me to know your exact wishes. I may have left you off of a list that you'd like to be on. Maybe I forgot you were into a certain thing, or I didn't know. Or, I may have put you on a list that displeases you; maybe you don't want to be thought of in a certain way. Please don't be offended if I goofed up! There were a few instances where I just flipped a coin.

So, to make sure everybody's happy, please do me this favor: Check each list for your own name (they're alphabetical by last name). If you want to be added to any list that you're not already on, just email me or comment below. If you want to be taken OFF of any list that you ARE already on, again, just shoot me an email, or comment below.

What qualifies you for a certain list? You can be on a list because you have a ton of experience in that category, or just because you wish you did, and you're working on it.

Say, what do you think of these categories? Are there any you wish I hadn't created? Do you have any ideas for categories you think I SHOULD create? I mean, categories that would have at least 5 or 10 people.

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Cheese Wiz said...

Very Cool. Its motivating me to get more of my stuff together for the site. I know of at least one job I've gotten from having my name on here. You cool, Chris.