Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Unlikely Album Covers

So, this is my first S'HJ post. I did these today, as a preliminary step of my final assignment in 2-d design class. Our assignment was to create a fictitious album cover or poster, and these are just a few ideas I made some thumbnails for. Feedback would be much appreciated, especially if you have a fun, or interesting idea for something unlikely to be on an album cover.

-Sorry I forced you to think about Ray Romano.


Chris_Garrison said...

Haw. Those are crazy.

The assignment reminds me of the trend of making your own fictional album cover using wikipedia randomizers:

The Nipples is my fave, and I'd suggest that you might ought to try and get a lot more variation in them. Some could be super close up, some very far away, and some in between. Some could be spaced far apart, and some close together, etc. And more variation in the types could be good: puffy ones, droopy, perky, large aureolas, and whatever else.

Or maybe instead of a nip collage, you could just have a tidy row of baby bottles. Or a mother pig with big teats.

Captain Hooks said...

Thank you, sir. All of this definitely helps out. Hope the jam went well. Hate that I had to work.
Something about the words puffy nipples just got to me for some reason. I may actually change the band name to "Nip Collage" or possibly just change the album name to "nip it in the bud" and have a drawing of Don Knotts with very large nipples. that may be taking it too far. anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

Chris_Garrison said...

I agree that the Don Knotts idea is a bit drastic. Unless your aim is to leave everyone permanently disturbed.