Friday, December 18, 2009

New Day for Slams?

I've scheduled most all of the Salty 'Ham Slams so far on Sunday afternoons, figuring that might be when the most people have free time. But I know of at least 3 of our fellow SHC's who can't make it on Sunday afternoons, because they have a regular thing going on then. I was thinking about moving it, next time, to a SATURDAY afternoon (providing I can book the time at the J).

How many of you regulars have an opinion? Is Saturday afternoon better for you, or worse? Please comment below, or shoot me an email. Thanks.

*** edit ***

That post was kind of a goof-up, because if I move it to Saturdays, we can't have it at the J. That's the Jewish sabbath, so of course they don't book meetings there on Saturdays!

Still, let me know about your availability anyway, in case we learn that more people could actually do Saturdays. In that case, maybe we'd find another venue. Although the LJCC has been VERY good to us.

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