Thursday, December 10, 2009

Salty 'Ham Slam 5 - On Reflection

Our fifth official get-together went swimmingly. We had it at Rojo this time. Tim Rocks, Chris Fason, Ed Abernathy, Stephen Smith, Sam McDavid, Chris Rosko, and first-timer Derek Anderson were present. And me, Chris Garrison. Oh, and not-yet-signed-up gadabout Paul Godbey came, as usual, and brought two guests: his sorta-nephews, Jonathan and Christopher. Did I leave anybody out?

We got right down to business drawing a bunch of comic jams. Unfortunately, we were being dripped on. We were out under the awning, and there was a terrific storm going on, so the leaks were a hassle. It was kinda like camping.

Really, this was our own fault. We probably could've just gone inside and been fine, but for some reason we just stayed put, even through tornado watches and warnings, and the rather frighteningly violent shaking of the roof and windows around us. Haw! You REALLY should have been there!

Despite all that, here's what we drew --

A rare two-pager:

Bat Heartache credits: panel 1 by Chris Garrison; panel 2 by Tim Rocks; panel 3 by Chris Fason; panel 4 by Ed Abernathy, who drew me and added a blank thought balloon .. so I filled it in; panel 5 by Chris Garrison; panel 6 by Chris Rosko.

Some of these are on blue paper, because that's what Derek Anderson brought.

Spider-Granny credits: panel 1 by Derek Anderson; panel 2 by Chris Fason; panel 3 by Tim Rocks; panel 4 by Chris Rosko; panel 5 by Tim Rocks; panel 6 by Chris Garrison.

The rain drops are clearly apparent in this one:

The Cookie and the Carrot credits: panel 1 by Derek Anderson; panel 2 by Tim Rocks; panel 3 by Chris Fason; panel 4 by Chris Garrison; panel 5 by Derek Anderson; panel 6 by Chris Rosko.

Another two-pager:

Billy and the Magic T-shirt credits: panel 1 and first half of title by Derek Anderson; second half of title and panel 2 by Chris Garrison; panel 3 by Chris Fason; panel 4 by Tim Rocks; panel 5 by Chris Garrison; panel 6 by Chris Rosko; panels 7 & 8 by Derek Anderson; end titles by Chris Garrison.

Twilight of the Chairs credits: panel 1 by Chris Garrison; panel 2 by Derek Anderson; panel 3 by Chris Fason; panel 4 by Chris Garrison; panels 5 & 6 by Tim Rocks; panel 7 by Chris Rosko.

If I messed up on any of these credits, y'all tell me.

Now here are some wacky super-hero parody comics by Paul's guests (as with the rest, click to enlarge) --

Hero Guy: Attack of the Hippies, by Jonathan:

Justice Idiots!, by Christopher:

Paul had me blank out some of the words on that one, on account of he didn't approve of the language.

The Green Light Bulb and the Rise of the Homelessmes, by Jonathan:

With their jabs at hippies and the homeless, I think maybe Jonathan and Christopher are heavily influenced by South Park.

Boys, I'd advise you to check out some of the great super-hero parody comics that have come out in the past. It's always important to know what's already been done, so we don't cover the same ground again. So look into Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham, Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew, What the -?!, Fission Chicken, Flaming Carrot and the Mystery Men, The Tick, Hero Happy Hour . . . and I'm sure there are a bunch more I can't think of right now. These are sure to inspire you. And you need to read some of this stuff, so you can make sure you meet or IMPROVE ON the standard that they have set in the industry!

You might be able to find some of these at Bob's Comics in Centerpoint.

Unfortunately, the Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas only signs up members who are 18 and over, so Christopher and Jonathan can't join just yet. Anyway, regarding the latest slam . . .

People ate mexican food and had a few beers, and fun was had. So -- to the 50-sum official members of the Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas -- join us, won't you, for the NEXT Salty 'Ham Slam! (as yet unscheduled)

You can look back at previous slams, here: Slam 1, Slam 2, Slam 3, Slam 4

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Kirk Creel said...

Wow, I hate I missed this one. I got slowed down recently and said to my self "Wasn't there a slam coming up?". Of course, this was days after the slam. Arrrrgh!