Sunday, December 27, 2009

Virtual Opening - SHC Comic Book Gallery

Hello to all Salty 'Hams . . .


I've just opened the first of our Online Galleries, the Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas Online Comic Book Gallery. It has big images from 27 pieces, with links to their online homes, and it has additional links at the bottom, to a whole bunch more. Go check it out, and let me know what you think!

This gallery is for online comics, not print-only comics. So any of you who have books in print, that can't be read online -- that stuff's not linked. I suppose I could do a separate gallery for those, but that would be less like a gallery and more like a book store. Hmm . . . maybe that IS an idea. But anyway . . .

To qualify as "comic book" work, I decided it has to be 2 pages or longer. So if you just draw strips or single panel gags, etc., I'll put you in the Comic Strip Gallery. Whenever I get around to setting that up.

The following cartooneestas have work on display in the SHC Online Comic Book Gallery: Jessica Campbell, Jamie Cottle, Aine Crabtree, Howard Cruse, Chris Garrison, James Hislope, Marcus Lusk, Mark Martin, Mega Comics/Mark Poe, Tim Rocks, Chris Rosko, Jason Shoemaker, Sio Williams, and Andrew Willmore.

* I know what you're thinking: Where's Hal Jones? His stuff actually isn't readable online right now, so I'm gonna wait until he has it up and running again before I include it.

* Chris Fason doesn't have anything readable online right now, either, I don't think. Do you, Fason? [edit: It turns out Hero Happy Hour IS available to read online, so I'll be trying to add it into the gallery in the next couple days. - G ]

Each artist has 3 pieces or less on prominent display, and some have more listed in the additional links at the bottom of the page.

Now's your chance to let me know what's wrong with this gallery:

* I tried to jumble up all the work in a pleasing way, but if you think I should've put your work in a different position (or positions) on the page, let me know and I'll consider moving it.

* If you think I should've chosen different pieces of yours to highlight, just tell me, and I can change them out.

* If you wish I hadn't put something of yours up, tell me and I'll take it down.

* If you have something online that I didn't include, but you wish I had, let me know. If that's the case, I probably didn't even know about it.

* If you wish I'd used a different image to represent your comic, send me something else to use in its place. To look nice with the rest, it should be 6" high at 72 dpi. For some of the images that I used, I blew them up a bit to fit. If they fuzzed out, I sharpened them in PhotoShop, which doesn't always look all that good. So if you want to send me a higher res version of the same image (or a different image), I fully understand, and I'll totally change it out.

This is a wonderful collection, so read these comics and enjoy the heck out of all this awesome Alabama talent! Also, if you're working on something or cooking up an idea, I hope this'll inspire you to make it a reality and hang it in this gallery. Viva SHC!!!

. . .

** Note to Howard Cruse: Hey, Howard, I put page numbers on everything in this gallery, so viewers might have some idea of the length of what they're about to get into. But since your comics are split up in that nifty way, with just one or two panels per page, I didn't know the real page counts. I estimated, based on the panel sizes and number of panels, as to how many pages the original comic might have had. So on yours, I put page numbers with question marks after them. If you want to tell me the real page counts, I'll change them out. Or, with your permission, I could just take the question marks out, figuring that my guesses are good enough to let the reader know if they're about to read something long or short. Thanks.

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Tim Rocks said...

Nice.. I see some stuff I'll have to check out.