Friday, August 29, 2008

Ptooey & Loogie Strips

While Ptooey and Loogie's first comic jam awaits a bold cartooneesta to step forward and take the helm, the wacky couple are taking a new approach - the strip format! No, I don't mean you'll be seeing Ptooey work the pole; I mean I've drawn a few Ptooey & Loogie comics in the style of a daily strip. Here they are.

I think these two characters have a great potential for versatility, so I tried to explore that in these strips. I went for romantic comedy in the first and third ones. With the second one, I was hoping to show how they can enter the world of the bizarre or surreal, a la The Twilight Zone, or Dream of the Rarebit Fiend.

I also wanted to add to the Ptooey and Loogie bible some, so I managed to show some things we haven't seen: their fancy duds, their cat, their house's exterior, and Ptooey's lecherous friend. Speaking of which, here's what he looks like --

I don't know what to name him, though. Here are some ideas --


What do y'all think? Vote for one of those names or submit your own ideas for a name in the comments below.

Also, if you're inspired, add to the collection of Ptooey & Loogie strips! As before, you can draw them to look like mine, or you can draw them in whatever other style you like. You could also, if you're wildly excited, volunteer to ink and/or paint any of the existing strips. Or if you have ideas for strips, but have no time to draw them, post them here or email them to me. That way I could keep a growing collection of scriptlets, from which any of us can draw in the future, when we want to do some new P&T strips.

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Tim Rocks said...

Great stuff! Very ur-cartooning,, it has, to me, that sort of 20-30s classic cartoon feel.

I think "Gooey" would be the obvious choice, to complete the "ooey" trifecta.. but maybe it should contrast?

The keys strip I'll admit puzzled me until I read your explanation. But not puzzling in a bad way-- I've seen surreal strips of course, but somehow that's a different take on the slip into the surreal.

Mark Martin said...

I'd name the friend Oyster.

The drawing, pacing, staging, expressions of the strips are great, in my humble opinion. The "looker" strip is my fave. The key strip doesn't work for me, even in a twilight zone way. But that's me - it could be somebody else's fave!

Buddy McNutty #2, the never-ending project that would never end - - HAS ENDED!!! It is done!

Now I have a massive fold-out Christmas card to do for a Welsh B&B by the end of September. So here we go again. But I'll try to hock A Loogie in there somewhere...

Chris_Garrison said...

Oyster's a good one. I'll continue taking suggestions or votes, if any more come in.

> The drawing, pacing, staging, expressions of the strips are great, in my humble opinion.

Wow, thanks!

The thing with the keys is supposed to be that, instead of Loogie leaving the keys in her coat pocket or letting them fall between the couch cushions like normal people, she somehow accidentally left them in EVERY SINGLE CUBIC INCH OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. It's hard to get that idea across, and then if it does get across, it's probably not actually funny. I think maybe quantum physicists would laugh at it. Does anybody know one?

Pastor Joy Ziegler said...

I think Wexler....just looks like a Wexler to me.