Monday, July 14, 2008

The Duel Series

I figured it was time to actually post some pictures, so I figured I'd do what I call "The Duel Series," going from all the way back in 2K3 until now.

The Tick vs The Maxx

Goku vs Piccolo

Freakazoid vs Earthworm Jim

Astro Boy vs Mega Man

I wanted to do others, such as Deathstroke vs Deadpool and of course Beakman vs Bill Nye the Science Guy, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.


Chris_Garrison said...

I like how you say "of course" Beakman vs. Bill Nye. Haw!

fason is a dork. said...

hey, the maxx! such an under-appreciated character / book. too bad the tick could mop the floor with him...

Chris_Garrison said...

Name dropping - I used to do some animation for the wrap-around part of the show. It was called MTV's Oddities, and it had a freaky, carnival theme. I think maybe The Maxx ended up coming in a few months late, so our stuff just ended up introducing The Head or something.

Name dropping again - I used to go to school with Ben Edlund, the guy that created The Tick! He even drew me as a tiny background character in one issue. And I was a huge fan of the comic before I met Ben, so I was super-star struck when he told me who he was.

WeezeL365 said...

I've got ALL the Maxx episodes from MTV's Oddities and The Head was at least funny and I REALLY wish I had more Tick comics, but those are rare unless it's a graphic novel.